Camrose Police Service Report to September 14, 2018

Camrose, Alberta – September 14, 2018 – A 39 year old reported that he was the victim of an on-line scam where he applied for a loan and was now out $900.

Police attended to a disturbance at a local hotel. A male and female were involved in a verbal argument. The couple was separated for the remainder of the evening.

September 13, 2018

A male entering the courthouse was stopped by security after he set off the metal detector. The male was searched and a knife was located on his person contrary to his conditions. The male was subsequently charged with breaching his conditions and is in custody awaiting a bail hearing.

A garage in the area of 52 street in the 4800 block was entered overnight and approximately $11,000 worth of tools were stolen. Police are investigating the theft.

September 12, 2018

A female reported being victimized by a series of scams. In the spring the senior called a phone number that appeared on her computer screen indicating that her computer had viruses. The senior allowed the male who answered the phone to remotely access her computer to fix the “virus” and then paid him for his services. On Friday the senior received a call from whom she believed to be the same male stating that their computer company was making corporate changes and so he was offering to refund her $500 but needed her bank account information. The senior provided her bank information for the refund. While still on the phone the male stated that he made an error and credited her $5000 instead of $500 and asked her to purchased $4500 worth of google cards to make up the difference or he could lose his job. The senior purchased the cards and called the male back providing him with the activation codes. The senior later checked her bank account and instead of the $5000 credit to her account there was a $5000 debit. The senior was scammed out of $9500 and is in the process of having her computer cleansed by a reputable local computer store.

A 39 year old male advised he had provided his personal information to someone claiming they were from Bell. When he was asked for his banking information he then realized it was a scam and hung up the phone. The male was not out any money but has flagged his bank account and credit cards to prevent any unauthorized activity.

Police are investigating a theft of two older powered lawn edgers after an employee observed that their shed had been entered.

Camrose Police Service

September 11, 2018

Lock it or lose it. A male contacted Police when he discovered that his unlocked vehicle had been entered overnight. The vehicle was parked in the area of 48 street in the 4600 block when the suspect(s) entered the vehicle stealing the owner’s wallet, loose change and clothing.

A female contacted Police indicating that an intoxicated male friend was inside her home destroying her property after they were involved in an argument. Police attended and located the 52 year old male a short distance away. The grossly intoxicated male was arrested to prevent further breach of the peace. The female declined pursing any charges.

September 10, 2018

Multiple 911 calls were received to report a collision at the intersection of Hwy 13 and Hwy 13A. It was determined that a west bound vehicle conducted a left hand turn onto Hwy 13 and was struck by another eastbound vehicle. A passenger had to extract a female passenger and EMS transported two people to St. Mary’s hospital. Charges are pending the investigation.

Police assisted with a family issue where a youth had become violent with family and was making threats to harm himself. The youth was transported to the Stollery hospital in Edmonton.

Camrose Police Service

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