White Butte RCMP: Fatal traffic collision Saskatchewan Highway 6 south

White Butte, Saskatchewan – At approximately 8 p.m. on November 1, members of the White Butte and Milestone Detachments were called to a collision on Highway 6, 7.5 kms south of Regina.

Upon arrival, members determined that four vehicles were involved in the collision.

At this point in the investigation, which could change as the reconstructionist continues the analysis of the information collected at the scene, it is believed that the initial collision occurred between a northbound truck and a southbound van. The two vehicles are believed to have collided head on. The truck then bounced off into the ditch, but the van stayed in the lane of travel and was struck by two different vehicles, one northbound, followed by a southbound vehicle. In total four vehicles were involved.

Two persons were declared deceased on scene, a 78-year-old female who was driving the southbound van and the driver of the truck, an 83-year-old male. They were the drivers of the north and southbound vehicles that were involved in the first collision. The female passenger of the southbound van involved in the initial collision, suffered non-life threatening injuries.

The two vehicles involved in the following collision had a single male occupant and the other vehicle had two male occupants. None of them suffered serious injuries.

The highway was closed for several hours as the Forensic Reconstructionist and members for the White Butte and Milestone Detachments collected evidence at the scene. This investigation is still ongoing.

White Butte RCMP

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