Daylight Initiative: 32 charged in trafficking investigation

Calgary, Alberta – In response to the exponential growth of methamphetamine in Calgary, the Calgary Police Service has launched the Daylight Initiative.

The Daylight Initiative involves multiple units within the CPS addressing the meth issue from all angles – investigation, public education and community support. Daylight kicked off in December with a three-week, street-level trafficking investigation.

As a result of this investigation, 32 people were charged with 172 offences related to the trafficking of meth, heroin, cocaine and fentanyl. In total, 81 CDSA charges and 91 Criminal Code charges were laid. A full list of those who were charged is provided at the bottom of this release.

Over the last five years, meth seizures in Calgary have increased significantly. 2018 was the first time the number of cases of meth seizures in Calgary breached 1,000. The year ended with the number of meth seizures sitting at 108 per cent above the five-year average.

Calgary police Insp. Kevin Forsen says, “Fentanyl has received a lot of attention recently, and rightly so, people are dying. Fentanyl is a community health issue, it affects families in a very tragic way. However, we believe meth is truly a crime and community safety issue. Meth is the driving force behind much of our property crime and random violence. It is also a significant officer safety issue due to the erratic behaviour of some users.

We can’t tackle this issue alone. It is going to take a huge collective effort to make an impact on the root causes of the meth issue – addictions and mental health being at the core.

While we work with our partners in the social and health sectors, we are asking citizens to help us by reporting homes in their community that may be exhibiting signs of drug trafficking.”

Signs of ongoing drug trafficking from a residence can include:

  • Vehicles or people coming and going at all hours of the day and night for brief periods of time.
  • Individuals leaving the residence to go to a waiting vehicle or nearby location for a very brief period of time prior to returning to the home.
  • Abandoned vehicles near the area in question, typically with some form of damage.
  • Garbage, litter or discarded needles near the residence in question.

Citizens can report drug houses by calling the Drug Tip Line at 403-428-8100, or by email at [email protected] Anonymous tips can be provided through Crime Stoppers by calling 1-800-222-8477, or online at

By the Numbers

Drug Seizures – The attached chart shows the number of occurrences, or cases, where drugs were seized. In 2018, there were over 1,000 incidents involving meth, a 20 per cent increase over 2017. During these incidents, meth was seized nearly 2,000 times as it was often found in multiple locations connected to each case, for example a house and a car. This represents a 23 per cent increase from 2017.

Impaired Driving – In 2016, there were four confirmed cases of impaired driving involving meth. In 2017, this jumped to 13. Toxicology results are pending in multiple 2018 cases and the number is expected to surpass that of 2017.

Violence against people – There were 6,573 cases involving violence against people in 2018. This marks a 10 per cent increase over 2017, and includes a significant increase in assaults, roll job robbery and violence against police or peace officers.

Assaults – increase of 14 per cent (3,814 cases)

Roll-job robbery – increased 30 per cent (661 cases)

Violence against a police or peace officer – increased 18 per cent (228 cases), while those with a weapon involved or caused bodily harm increased by 46 per cent (51 cases)

Uttering Threats – increased by 15 per cent (591 cases)

Charged in drug-trafficking investigation

Corwin MORNING BIRD, 47 Charges 3

John Samuel ADAMEC, 37 Charges 5

Claude Lorne GLADUE, 46 Charges 2

Jennifer Lynn HARRY,37 Charges 3

Justine Marie HALL, 31 Charges 5

Julie Catherine DUNCAN, 26 Charges 6

Kevin Allen HONISH, 52 Charges 6

Tamara Candice TURNER, 46 Charges 5

Kaylee Martha CROWCHILD, 25 Charges 4

Melody Melissa MOUTAIN HORSE, 36 Charges 5

Shanna Josie WHITE, 28 Charges 4

Paul Robert PAYNE, 26 Charges 2

Cameron James SHEPHERD, 32 Charges 6

Brenden Clifford STARBLANKET, 33 Charges 9

Francis Marie ERVIN, 30 Charges 9

Michael Gerald ST. JOHN, 41 Charges 8

Shane Robert FOSTER, 41 Charges 8

Warren Robert EYAPAISE, 38 Charges 4

Lesley Paul RISDALE, 40 Charges 6

Jason Morley KRUGER, 49 Charges 8

Daniel Alfred MARTIN, 51 Charges 5

Natalie Rochelle PASQUA, 37 Charges 2

Quinton Wallace BEARCHIEF, 33 Charges 4

Michael Frank HASSARD, 33 Charges 2

Lenny Charles BIRD, 29 Charges 4

Charity Rose GADWA, 21 Charges 7

Samantha Susan BERNHEISEL, 20 Charges 5

Unnamed female minor, 17 Charges 4

Francis Devonna RAIN, 25 Charges 5

Asher James ATTER, 18 Charges 12

Eric John AKINS, 54 Charges 3

Tyson Lee BONNICK, 25 Charges 11

Calgary Police Service

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