Camrose Police Service Report to May 16, 2019

Camrose, Alberta – May 16, 2019 – A GPS was stolen from a vehicle overnight while parked on 58 street in the 3800 block.

A Fortis employee reported that a power meter had been stolen from a residence on 57 street in the 5200 block.

A traffic stop was conducted on an unregistered vehicle. The 23 year old male driver also had an outstanding warrant for driving without insurance. The male was arrested and held in custody until he made arrangements to pay the outstanding $3500 that he was owing on his warrant.

May 15, 2019

A vehicle owner reported that his driver’s window had been shattered sometime overnight while parked on 58 street in the 5200 block. The vehicle was rummaged through but nothing appears to have been stolen.

A downtown business reported that there was damage caused to venting on the top of their building.

Police received a call from eastern Canada from a parent concerned for her son who may have be having mental health issues. Police attended the residence and the son was intoxicated by alcohol and drugs and was destroying property that he owned together with his girlfriend who was also in the residence. Police arrested the male to prevent further breach of the peace. The male continued to cause issues in Police cells until his release.

A traffic stop resulted in a male driver being charged with driving while suspended. The male’s vehicle was seized for 30 days.

A traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle that had a smashed windshield. It was determined that the recently purchased vehicle was uninsured and that the male driver had 4 outstanding warrants. The male was arrested on his warrants and charged with driving without insurance.

May 14, 2019

Police were advised by a homeowner on 48B avenue in the 6200 block that someone had entered his detached garage and stole his grey Mastercraft miter saw.

Police were contacted by a resident who observed two males outside a residence who both appeared to be grossly intoxicated. The two males were located by Police one of which had conditions not to consume alcohol. The male was charged with breaching his conditions.

A male contacted Police advising that another male just stopped him and requested he call Police as he was scared. The 21 year old intoxicated male was located and advised he couldn’t find his way home. Police drove the male to his residence.

Police observed a male abandon a bicycle which was determined to be stolen property. The male was arrested and during a search Police located a knife on his person contrary to his conditions. Police also found the male to be in possession of a small quantity of methamphetamine. The male was charged with possession of stolen property, possession of a controlled substance and breaching his conditions. The male is in custody waiting on a bail hearing.

Camrose Police Service

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