Edson RCMP: Wildfire Evacuations Near Edson – UPDATED

Edson, Alberta – (Sunday 11:00 PM) Edson RCMP advise that Alberta Transportation has closed highway 16 west of Edson due to the heavy smoke from the wildfire in the surrounding area. Both the east and westbound lanes are affected by the closure. The highway is expected to remain closed through the night.

Evacuations of rural residences on the north and south side of highway 16, near Marlboro (approximately 15 km west of Edson), were conducted, along with a neighbouring recreational area. Approximately 10 people checked into Edson Hotels, with others staying with friends or family. At this time, no injuries or damage to property has occurred.

Edson RCMP, along with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry advise there is no imminent threat to additional communities at this time.

Further updates to be provided as available. To check wildfire updates, you can log on to wildfire.alberta.ca for current wildfire information.


Edson, Alberta – (Sunday 6:29 PM) Edson RCMP are presently conducting evacuations on the north and south side of highway 16 near Marlborough, Alberta, approximately 15 km west Edson. Several homes are at risk and the occupants are being evacuated. The wildfire has jumped highway 16 and is presently burning on both sides of the highway.

Traffic is being stopped on highway 16, as it is impassable due to the smoke and zero viability. Please avoid travel in this area.

Wildfire Evacuations Near Edson
Wildfire Evacuations Near Edson

Further updates to be provided as available.

Edson RCMP

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