Vehicle clocked at 151 km/hr in construction zone

Athabasca, Alberta – On Sunday June 1, 2019 an Alberta Sheriff with the Athabasca/Boyle Integrated Traffic Unit was on patrol East of Athabasca on Highway 663. Shortly after 4:30pm the Sheriff observed a westbound vehicle oncoming at a high rate of speed.

The Sheriff’s radar confirmed that the vehicle was travelling at 151km/hr in the posted 80km/hr construction zone. At the time, the road was being resurfaced, was covered in fresh oil, there were no lane markings and the violator was travelling on winter tires.

Vehicle clocked at 151 km/hr in construction zone
Vehicle clocked at 151 km/hr in construction zone

Sheriff Matthew BUTCHER states, “Luckily there were no construction workers present in the area at the time. As well, the driver is surprisingly lucky that he didn’t cause a collision due to all of the contributing factors present.”

Enforcement Officers would like to remind motorists to remain patient while in construction zones. Also remain alert to all signage, changing road conditions, equipment and personnel present. As specified by the Alberta Traffic Safety Plan, Construction zone safety is a priority focus throughout the summer months. Expect to see police, sheriffs and peace officers monitoring these areas to keep the roads safe for motorists and workers alike.

A 17-year-old male (name will not be released) from Athabasca is charged with speeding in a construction zone, and appears in Provincial Court next month.

Athabasca/Boyle Integrated Traffic Unit

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