(4K) – Cruisin the south-side of Medicine Hat and parts of Cypress County

Canada in stunning 4K UHD video. In this video: I take you on a 50 minute drive through south Medicine Hat. We start on the Trans Canada Highway and head through the city. You will see homes, churches, schools, the shopping area with the Super Walmart and Canadian Tire.

Then I head into the newer area of the city still under construction.

Afterwards I take a drive through Cypress County over to the Desert Bloom suburb and back into the city on Highway 3 to the city center, past the police station and the prison ending the trip in Riverside at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Enjoy a 50 minute, relaxing drive through the city and countryside,  with someone else at the wheel.  Watch on your big screen TV on YouTube in full 4K for the best experience.

Watch this video on YouTube

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