Manitoba RCMP’s Underwater Recovery Team to assist in Gillam search

Gillam, Manitoba – To assist in the ongoing search for the two suspects wanted in connection to homicides in British Columbia, the Manitoba RCMP’s Underwater Recovery Team (URT) will be arriving in Gillam tonight – Saturday, August 3.

It is expected that URT divers will begin to search a section of the Nelson River on Sunday, August 4.

All RCMP URT members are highly trained. Each member must pass a three day selection process before undergoing an intensive five-week Underwater Recovery Induction Course. Members then have access to a range of specialized courses, including ice diving and rescue diving.

The Manitoba RCMP's Underwater Recovery Team
The Manitoba RCMP’s Underwater Recovery Team

Every RCMP URT has access to a range of advanced equipment to assist in their underwater searches.

There will be no access to media of the dive area or to the divers.

No further specific information will be provided on the deployment of the URT to the area.

Manitoba RCMP

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