Update – RCMP Underwater Recovery Team completes a search of the Nelson River

Winnipeg, Manitoba – As the search for Kam Mcleod and Bryer Schmelgsky continues, we are able to provide the following update.

On August 2, 2019, RCMP located several items on the shoreline, approximately 9 km from where the burnt vehicle was located. RCMP have confirmed that these items are directly linked to the suspects. That same day, a damaged boat was also found along the Nelson River.

RCMP Underwater Recovery Team on shore of Nelson River
RCMP Underwater Recovery Team on shore of Nelson River

Based on this information, RCMP Underwater Recovery Team (URT) were immediately deployed. On August 4, 2019, URT conducted a thorough underwater search approximately 29 metres around the location where the boat was found. The search did not uncover any additional items linked to the suspects.

The roadblock on PR 290 has been removed, but officers remain in the Gillam area.

Schmegelsky & McLeod
Schmegelsky & McLeod

To ensure the integrity of the investigation, no further information about the items will be provided at this time.

Manitoba RCMP

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