Close to $810,000 of illegal drugs, firearms seized from two different investigations

Edmonton, Alberta – Two significant EPS drug trafficking investigations have culminated with dozens of charges being laid against three individuals and the confiscation of close to $810,000 of illegal drugs and firearms.

The Edmonton Drug and Gang Enforcement Section (EDGE) and the Targeted Offender Section (TOS) concluded two separate investigations recently, both of which saw a significant amount of dangerous drugs and firearms taken out of Edmonton.

“EPS Chief Dale McFee has made it very clear that we will be relentless on organized crime. It is a critical for our police service to disrupt the flow of dangerous drugs, such as methamphetamine and fentanyl, into our communities,” says Acting Insp. Pierre Blais, of the EPS Organized Crime Branch, which oversees EDGE and TOS.

“These drugs are insidious and bring with them a plethora of other societal issues, including increased weapons and violent crime. While these two investigations and subsequent arrests certainly highlight the excellent work of our investigators, they also underscore the increasing importance of our relationship with the public.

“We’re grateful for the public’s trust, as they continue to reach out to police when they observe suspicious behaviour occurring in their neighbourhoods.”

The first investigation saw EDGE investigators arrest Jesse Hughes, 29, and Kaitlyn Byers, 21, of Edmonton on Friday, Aug. 30, 2019, following an extensive investigation by EPS Drug and Gang investigators. EDGE members executed a search warrant at a residence in the Blackmud community area in southwest Edmonton, where they seized a plethora of drugs and firearms including:


3.4 kilograms of methamphetamine – Street value of $342,000

348.2 grams of brown fentanyl – Street value of $52,230

51.9 grams of pink fentanyl – Street value of $7,785

332.8 grams of soft cocaine – Street value of $33,280

1.8 kg of Phenacetin – Street value of $7,200

Various drug trafficking paraphernalia (scales, cell phones, packaging, elastic bands, heat sealer, money counter)

The approximate value of drugs and cutting agent seized was $443,000.


A model XT-22 rifle

A Winchester Model 1894 rifle

A FLLI PIETTA 22 calibre rifle with a cut barrel

A 303 calibre rifle with a cut barrel

A Uzkon AS46 shotgun, with a magazine, and eight rounds of ammunition inside

A MODJ-15 rifle .223 calibre rifle with an unattached silencer and two empty magazines

A Ruger Mark 4 handgun

Machete, bow and arrow and hatchet

Two sets of body armour

Various rounds of assorted ammunition


$6,820 Canadian Currency

Jesse Hughes, 29, has been charged with 23 charges:

Possession for the purpose of trafficking (x3)

Proceeds of crime over $5,000

Breaching a firearms prohibition

Possession of a prohibited firearm with ammunition readily available

Unsafe storage of firearms (x7)

Unauthorized possession of a firearm (x5)

Knowingly possess a prohibited/restricted weapon

Kaitlyn Byers, 21, is facing 19 charges including:

Possession for the purpose of trafficking (x3)

Proceeds of crime over $5,000

Possession of a prohibited firearm with ammunition readily available

Unsafe storage of firearms (x7)

Unauthorized possession of a prohibited/restricted weapon (x7)

In the second investigation, TOS detectives arrested Christopher Hartnett, 30, after discovering a cache of illegal drugs and firearms, while executing a search warrant at his apartment on Aug. 25, 2019, in the community of McConachie in northeast Edmonton.

The drugs seized included:


1.892 grams of fentanyl (previously BTB heroin) – Street value of $189,000

1,000 grams of cocaine – Street value of $70,000

183 grams fentanyl – Street value of $36,600

1,561 grams marihuana – Street value of $15,600

5ML’s of GHB – Street value of $5

14 Kg of phenacetin – Street value of $56,000

The approximate value of drugs seized was $367,200.


40 calibre handgun

A loaded magazine in the gun (chamber empty)


$11,139.40 Canadian Currency

Christopher Hartnett, 30, has been charged with:

Breach of Recognizance (x5)

Possession for the purpose of Trafficking (x5)

Proceeds of Crime over $5,000

Firearms charges (x3)

Anyone with information about potential drug trafficking in their respective community is asked to contact the EPS at 780-423-4567 or #377 from a mobile phone. Anonymous information can also be submitted to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or online at

MRU #: 19RO90

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