Busy Thanksgiving weekend combating impaired driving for the RCMP in all three Island counties

Prince Edward Island – Thanksgiving should be a time to reflect on the good things in life, but this past weekend was not something to be proud of when it comes to responsible driving decisions. All three Island RCMP Districts were busy between Friday, October 11 and Sunday, October 13 RCMP with the following impaired incidents from tip to tip:

In Kings District, Friday at 1:00 pm RCMP officers along with PEI Highway Safety Branch and representatives from MADD Canada, conducted a check stop in Brudenell, to highlight the MADD Canada ribbon campaign. The driver of the first vehicle through the check stop showed signs of alcohol consumption and the 49 year-old male driver from Winsloe failed a roadside screening test and provided breath samples almost three times the legal limit. His vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

Later in the day, RCMP officers along with PEI Highway Safety conducted a check stop in Peakes which resulted in a male driver being issued a 30 day driving suspension for alcohol consumption. His vehicle was impounded for 60 days and he also received tickets for other offences under the Highway Traffic Act as he was a suspended driver.

Impaired Driver Charged
File Photo – Impaired Drivers Charged

Saturday, at approximately 3:20 am RCMP officers found a man unconscious in his vehicle in the middle of the road on Route 24 in Bellevue. The 29 year-old man from Stratford was arrested for impaired driving and his vehicle was impounded for 30 days. Coincidentally, while dealing with this man, a second vehicle came upon the scene driven by a 29 year-old woman from Charlottetown. The female driver showed signs of alcohol consumption and failed a roadside screening test. She was arrested for impaired driving and the vehicle she was driving was subject to a 30 day impound.

Later, at approximately 5:20 pm, RCMP officers and PEI Conservation were conducting a check stop in Murray River. A 20 year-old man from Victoria Cross was stopped and displayed signs of alcohol consumption. He was detained and failed a roadside screening test and was subsequently arrested for impaired driving. His vehicle was subject to a 30 day impound.

Sunday, at 6:20 am an off-duty Charlottetown Police Officer alerted Kings District RCMP to a vehicle in the ditch on Route 3 in Millview. Upon arrival on scene RCMP officers formed the grounds to believe the male driver, a 33 year-old of no fixed address was impaired. He was subsequently arrested for impaired related offences and his vehicle was impounded.

At approximately 6:25 p.m., RCMP officers were alerted to a vehicle being driven erratically Eastbound on Route 2 through Morell. As officers were en-route it was reported that the vehicle had left the road and crashed into a power pole on Route 2 in Marie. Members of the Morell Volunteer Fire Department were quickly on scene and tended to the only occupant, a 25 year-old man from the St. Peters Bay area. Island EHS arrived on scene and transported the man to the QEH for precautionary assessment. He was released from hospital and arrested for impaired driving with samples of his breath two and a half times the legal limit.

In Queens District, Friday, shortly after midnight, RCMP received a report of a single vehicle collision in Hampshire. The witness reported that a male driver drove through a stop sign, drove off the road and came to rest in a corn field. RCMP arrived to the scene and arrested the driver for impaired driving. He had incurred significant injuries to his face which required a visit to the QEH and a dog that was accompanying the driver was seriously injured and had to be euthanized.

At 3:30 the same day, RCMP had a report of a possible impaired driver in the Cornwall area. The witness reported that a female driver from Nova Scotia struck a curb and punctured a tire on Route 1 in Cornwall. The driver did not stop and continued to drive with a flat tire and was reported to have narrowly missed hitting two children and a cyclist. RCMP located the vehicle and arrested the 50 year-old with impaired driving. There was a 3 year-old in the vehicle at the time.

And, in Prince District, seven drivers were charged with impaired. Three on Friday, in the communities of Huntly, Carleton and Norboro. Two on Saturday, in O’Leary and Wellington Centre and on Sunday, two in Linkletter and Wellington. Five of the seven drivers provided breath samples over the limit, one refused to provide a sample and blood was taken from the last driver which will be analyzed.

It’s hard to image the risks that people are willing to take when it comes to getting behind the wheel impaired. RCMP urge members of the travelling public to arrange a safe ride home should they decide to partake in consuming alcohol and or drugs.

RCMP remind drivers that they are committed to keeping impaired drivers off the roads and will continue with pro-active enforcement. For this year, lets be “thankful” these 15 impaired drivers were taken off the road.


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