Suspects arrested and charged in 2018 homicide

Kamloops, BC – Five suspects have been arrested and charged in the 2018 homicide of Troy Gold in an investigation led by the Kamloops RCMP Serious Crime Unit.

Troy Gold was reported missing to the RCMP on October 3, 2018. Early on, Gold was characterized as a high risk missing person because of his affiliation with organized crime. As the investigation progressed and new information was received, criminality in his death was confirmed.

The Kamloops Serious Crime Unit (SCU) assumed the investigation and by October 10, 2018, SCU had determined Gold had been murdered. Investigators believe that Gold was targeted and his death relates to conflict within the local drug trafficking community.

Following extensive search efforts to locate Gold’s body, human remains were discovered in Lac Du Bois area, on October 30, 2018 by the RCMP’s Southeast District Tactical Team. The remains were later confirmed to be those of Troy Gold.

Through continuous investigation and the diligence and determination of investigators, suspects were identified. On October 18, 2019 the British Columbia Prosecution Service approved second degree murder charges against:

Nathan Anthony Townsend, 23-years-old, of Kamloops BC;

Jayden Michael Eustache, 24-years-old, of Kamloops BC;

Darian Fredrick Rohel, 44-years-old, of Kamloops BC;

John Wade Daviss 38-years-old, of Kamloops BC;

Sean Gavril Scurt, 46-years-old, of Kamloops BC.

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All five men were arrested on October 18th or 19th, 2019 and remain in custody. They are all known to Kamloops RCMP for their participation in the local drug trade/scene.

“Crimes that occur in the drug underworld present unique challenges for investigators. In this community even victims and their friends refuse to co-operate with police. While our investigative teams are very skilled at obtaining co-operation and evidence needed to advance these types of cases, even long standing participants in the local drug trade found Troy’s death be grossly unnecessary and many people were more willing to co-operate because of this. It was with the co-operation of several important witnesses, traditional and non-traditional investigative techniques, support from other teams, units and agencies and endless determination that we have brought this case to this stage,” explained S/Sgt Simon Pillay, who heads up the Kamloops RCMP Serious Crime Unit.

“I hope this serves as a lesson to drug traffickers in our community that violence, regardless of whom it occurs to, will not be tolerated and the Kamloops RCMP remain committed to holding those responsible accountable,” S/Sgt Simon Pillay adds.

Gang and organized crime investigations are extremely complex and take a tremendous amount of resources. We are fortunate in this province to have a number of integrated and specialized units ready to assist. CFSEU-BC, Kelowna Federal Serious and Organized Crime and several RCMP detachments in the Southeast District played important roles in advancing this investigation.

To further the investigation, police are releasing photos of these persons. All are active in this community and police are requesting that anyone with information pertaining to their involvement in this case or other drug related activities please contact the RCMP.

File # 2019-33570

Kamloops RCMP

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