New K9, PSD Hutch, Joins Medicine Hat Police Service

Medicine Hat, Alberta – In August of 2019 members of the MHPS K-9 unit obtained two new Police Service Dogs (PSD’s) in anticipation of fully staffing our K-9 unit. PSD Ace and PSD Kal were selected based upon their personality traits and their natural abilities. After six weeks of training it was determined that Ace was not suited for a career of police work that the Medicine Hat Police Service has come to expect from our police service dogs.

Members of our K-9 team returned Ace to their broker at no additional cost and he will eventually be put to use in a different capacity. We were able to select another PSD for training and deployment with the Police Service. We are pleased and excited to announce our newest K-9 officer, PSD Hutch who will commence training with his handler in the near future. We are also looking forward to the numerous Starsky and Hutch references.

PSD Hutch
PSD Hutch

Medicine Hat Police Service

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