Red Deer RCMP warn residents about Bitcoin scam

Red Deer, Alberta – The RCMP are investigating a fraud which was reported this morning and involved a victim paying a large amount of money in Bitcoin. The RCMP are reminding citizens that no reputable agency or business will demand a payment in Bitcoin.

Information received is that an unknown suspect contacted a Red Deer citizen and alleged to be with the RCMP. The scam was sophisticated in that the suspect was able to convince the victim that the call was from the RCMP in Spruce Grove and was legitimate. The victim was threatened with arrest over a social insurance fraud and was directed to withdraw a large sum of money in order to safeguard money in the victim’s account. The suspect provided a code and directed the victim to a Bitcoin machine to deposit the money.

The RCMP are reminding residents that scams like the above scam are prevalent and sophisticated. Citizens can protect themselves by remembering:

• The RCMP will never demand money over the telephone

• The RCMP will never direct anyone to make a Bitcoin payment

• The RCMP will not threaten arrest over a SIN fraud

• The RCMP will not request personal information like banking information or social insurance numbers over the telephone

• If you have any doubt about the legitimacy of a call – find the number for the agency calling you through a trusted source, and call that department back yourself.

The best protection from scammers is to learn how to resist being pushed into a decision regardless of how persuasive or aggressive the scammer may be. Learn how to recognize and protect yourself and your family members from fraud, at Canada’s Anti-Fraud Centre

Red Deer RCMP

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