Man with knife arrested at city celebration

North Cowichan\Duncan, BC – On Friday night, a man was identified waving a large knife and walking through a group of teenagers at the Duncan Christmas light up celebration. Police officers who were conducting proactive foot patrols of the light up arrived in minutes and took the man into custody without incident. A 35 yr old man from Mill Bay was released from custody the next day and weapons related charges are being recommended.

File Photo - ARREST
File Photo – ARREST

Police officers are often visible at public events and happily seen greeting the public in conversation or with a friendly high five. Ultimately the role of the front line Police Officer is for public safety. Front line officers are equipped with numerous tools on their belts and extensive training in order to safely deal with a wide variety of threats to the public. In this case, police officers were required to point their firearms at the man who was still brandishing the knife and displaying aggressive behavior. The officers were able to arrest the man quickly and no one was injured.

A witness to the arrest stated isn’t that a bit excessive referring to the officer’s handgun. This officer made split second decisions to protect others and himself, and succeeded without injury to anyone. Advised Staff Sergeant Chris Swain, Operations NCO You will see us in a visible way, carrying firearms at public events such as this, Remembrance Day and other events for community safety and security.

The duties of a Police Officer can be dangerous and I would like to remind everyone that if you see an arrest taking place, or an officer with their firearm out, please keep back at a safe distance and appreciate that you may not know all the details leading up to the arrest. advised media relations spokesperson Sergeant Trevor Busch. Our officers are invested in our community, we love to attend community events and give out candy canes, but ultimately we are there for your safety.

File # 2019-20937

North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP

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