Police search for owner of frozen sailboat on Okanagan Lake

West Kelowna, Kelowna, BC – Police are looking for the rightful owner of a sailboat that was located against a lakeshore retaining wall in the 800 block of Manhattan Drive.

RCMP - Frozen Boat
RCMP – Frozen Boat

To date, investigators have been unable to locate any related lost or stolen property reports related to the icy white sailboat, seen in the attached photograph. To claim the vessel, the owner will have to provide proof of ownership and details surrounding the boat’s disappearance. The owner should also be able to provide the serial number associated to the boat.

If you are the rightful owner of this boat, you are asked to contact the Kelowna at 250-762-3300 and provide file number 2020-2229.

File # 2020-2229

Kelowna RCMP

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