Disturbance/CEW Deployment – St. Paul’s Hospital 1702 20th St W: Saskatoon Police

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – A 47 year old man is being investigated for a disturbance at St. Paul’s Hospital that resulted in Police deploying a Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW) this afternoon.

CEW Deployment
File Photo – CEW Deployment

At approximately 3:48 p.m. February 2, 2020, Police were at St. Paul’s Hospital for an unrelated matter when they were informed of a disturbance in the waiting room. The officers at scene observed a male acting in a disruptive manner consistant with drug use near other patients and appeared to be suffering from recent injuries as he was covered in blood. Officers attempted to de-esculate and assist the male when he became combative and aggessive resulting in one officer successfully deploying his CEW.

Upon further investigation it was discovered that the male was suffering from a recent stab wound to his forearm and was admitted to hospital as a result of that injury.

The incident will be reviewed in accordance with SPS policy

(Occurrence Number: 20-11664)

Saskatoon Police Service

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