Regina Police Discharge Firearm, Injuring Dog

Regina, Saskatchewan – On Tuesday, February 11, 2020, at approximately 12:00 p.m. noon, police were dispatched to a residence on the 1000 block of Broder Street for the report of a disturbance. Information was that a male was screaming inside the residence and two large dogs were loose outside and displaying aggressive behaviour.

Regina Police Service
Regina Police Service

Police arrived and observed two dogs in the alley behind the residence. The dogs were able to move freely through the fence dividing the alley and backyard. As one of the officers exited his vehicle, the dogs, now in the alley, immediately ran towards the officer. The officer drew his firearm, taking several steps back and yelling. As the dogs got closer, the officer discharged his firearm into the direction of the larger of the two dogs. The dogs immediately retreated into the backyard and into the house. It was evident that the larger dog was shot and injured. The male inside the residence emerged from the house and began dialogue with police. The male was instructed by police to put his dogs away, and the male refused. Police informed the male that one of the dogs had been shot, and was in need of medical attention. When the male continued to argue, he was arrested for breach of the peace.

Police and Animal Control officers made entry into the house and found the injured dog, and two others. The dogs were secured in kennels. Regina Humane Society informed police that the dogs had a documented history of aggressive behavior and that they had just been released from quarantine the day before. The injured dog was transported to veterinary care.

The discharge of the firearm will be reviewed as a use of force. Reports have been submitted to the Service’s Use of Force Review board.

Regina Police Service

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