Female chases dog onto ice and falls through, fire department saves her life

Whistler, BC – On February 16, 2020 at approximately 12:30 PM, Whistler Fire Rescue Service and RCMP were called to a dock area of Alpha Lake Park after it was reported that a female had fallen through the ice. Police learned that the females’ dog had run away from her onto the ice and that she went out to retrieve the dog and fell through.

File Photo
File Photo

In this case the female was very lucky to be safely rescued from the water by Whistler Fire Rescue and did not suffer any injury; however, that is not always the case.

Police are reminding the community that as we approach spring the ice thins and becomes unsafe to walk on. Please take caution on ice at all times, let someone know where you’re going, assess each visit for hazards regardless of how thick the ice may be and always have a game plan if someone falls through.

Whistler RCMP

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