Project DEVOTE arrest Winnipeg man in relation to the 2003 homicide of Nicolle Hands

Winnipeg, Manitoba – In the early morning hours of October 2, 2003, Nicolle Hands, 32, was fatally injured in her apartment on Mountain Avenue in Winnipeg while her three children and a babysitter slept in the next room. Nicolle was rushed to hospital where she died three days later.

This matter remained unsolved and was included in the cases that were reviewed and investigated by the RCMP/WPS joint Project DEVOTE.

Project DEVOTE
Project DEVOTE

On March 7, 2020, after an 18-month investigation, using the full resources of Project DEVOTE, a Winnipeg man was arrested in relation to the unsolved murder of Nicolle Hands.

As charges have not yet been laid, the name of the male cannot be released.

Investigators from Project DEVOTE, which includes officers from both the Winnipeg Police Service and the Manitoba RCMP, are continuing the investigation and remain steadfast in their dedication to the victims and their families.

Winnipeg Police Service
Manitoba RCMP

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