Saskatchewan RCMP can be relied upon as your Provincial Police Service in every corner of the province

Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan – As our province takes measures to flatten the curve of COVID-19, I’d like share how we’re doing our part to keep you safe and healthy.

Saskatchewan RCMP can be relied upon as your Provincial Police Service in every corner of the province – from Fond-du-Lac to Carnduff and Onion Lake to Creighton and beyond – we continue to work for you.

Saskatchewan RCMP
Saskatchewan RCMP

We are here.

Detachments will remain open to the public and your local police officers will continue to be present in your community to provide services and ensure community safety. Out of respect for social distancing, and adhering to the recommendations from health professionals across Canada, we have made the decision to temporarily suspend criminal record checks, with the exception of employment checks, at all Saskatchewan RCMP detachments. We remain committed to reassessing this plan and communicating our approach. Follow @RCMPSK on Twitter and Saskatchewan RCMP on Facebook for continued updates.

We are prepared.

We are taking additional measures such as enhanced cleaning of detachments and police vehicles to keep our work environment as clean as possible for our employees and members of the public. In addition, our RCMP Covid-19 Committee continues to work with RCMP Occupational Health and Services to ensure we are responding to the rapidly evolving situation.

We also are working closely with our community partners and local Saskatchewan Health Authority representatives.

As Saskatchewan’s provincial police, we will continue to maintain operations while doing our part to slow the spread of the virus.

We are all in this together.

We continue to rely on the public to report crime as this is information our police officers rely on in order to respond, intercept potential dangers, or advance an ongoing investigation.

To help maintain the wellbeing of our officers responding to calls for service, our Divisional Operational Communications Center has implemented two new questions to help assess any potential health concerns. Members of the public calling to request police assistance can expect to be asked:

Are you or any member of your residence ill at this time?

Have you or any member of your residence had contact with a probable or confirmed case of COVID 19?

This ensures our officers can take appropriate measures to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

I know there are many questions we don’t have the answers to at this moment because the situation with respect to Covid-19 continues to be fluid and is evolving quickly, but please remember our work as the Provincial Police Service continues across the province.

Saskatchewan residents have a long history of working together to overcome adversity. The Saskatchewan RCMP is committed to doing our part to ensure our communities are healthy and safe.

Assistant Commissioner Mark Fisher
Commanding Officer, Saskatchewan RCMP

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