Wadena RCMP: Man charged after shot fired at a house on Fishing Lake First Nation

Fishing Lake First Nation, Saskatchewan – On March 21, 2020, Wadena RCMP received the report of a male shooting at a home on Fishing Lake First Nation.

On their way to the house, Wadena RCMP located the suspect male behind a vehicle on a nearby road.

He, as well as four other individuals at the scene, were arrested. The vehicle was searched and a firearm, ammunitions and a small quantity of illegal opioids were located and seized.

After police investigation, four of the five individuals were released and one was charged.

Shots Fired
File Photo – Shots Fired

In relation to this incident, Lane Nataucappo, 22 years old, of Fishing Lake First Nation, SK, has been charged with the following offences:

Carrying a concealed weapon, section 90(2) of the Criminal Code;

Unsafe storage of a firearm, section 86(2) of the Criminal Code;

Possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, section 88(2) of the Criminal Code;

Possession of a prohibited/restricted firearm with ammunition without a licence, section 95(2) of the Criminal Code;

Using a firearm in the commission of an offence, section 85(3) of the Criminal Code;

Unauthorized possession of a prohibited weapon, section 91(3) of the Criminal Code;

Mischief causing danger to life, section 430(2) of the Criminal Code;

Discharge of a firearm while being reckless, section 244.2(3) of the Criminal Code;

Possession of a controlled substance included in Schedule 1, section 4(1) of the Controlled Drug and Substances Act.

Lane Nataucappo will first appear at the Wynyard Provincial Court on March 26, 2020.

Wynyard RCMP and Rose Valley RCMP assisted Wadena RCMP in responding to this incident.

Wynyard RCMP

Rose Valley RCMP

Wadena RCMP

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