Real or fake, can you tell the difference?

Nanaimo, BC – A report of an individual in possession of a firearm resulted in officers approaching with guns drawn and arresting two adults and seizing an UZI style pellet gun. The incident took place at approximately 9:30 am on Saturday May 9th, 2020 on Mountain Vista Drive.

Real or fake, can you tell the difference?
Real or fake, can you tell the difference?

Police responded to the residential area after a caller reported seeing two adults with what appeared to be a firearm. With limited information available, the incident was treated as high risk. The officers approached the scene with their service pistols drawn. Two persons, a 48-year male and a 48-year-old female were arrested without incident. A search of their vehicle located the firearm which was determined to be a replica, UZI style pellet gun.

The two adults were cooperative and apologetic for their actions, and in the public interest, the pellet gun was seized and will be destroyed. The two will not face charges.

“If these individuals had been holding the UZI pellet gun as the officers approached, it would have been virtually impossible for the officers to discern if it was a real firearm or not. With that in mind, this situation could have ended much differently and with a tragic outcome,” said Constable Gary O’Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.

File # 2020-16697

Nanaimo RCMP

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