RCMP NL reminds the public how to best access the RCMP during Covid-19

St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador – RCMP NL wants to ensure the public is aware of the best way to access the RCMP in the event police assistance is required during the Covid-19 pandemic and at any time. Recently, RCMP Detachments throughout the province have noted an increased number of voice mail messages being left on Detachment phone lines.

When calling any of the RCMP’s 44 Detachments in the province across the province, a caller has three options to choose from:

Option one: For emergency calls that require urgent police response.

Option two: For non-emergency calls that require police response.

Option three: For general inquiries and/or to speak to someone at the local detachment.

RCMP NL reminds the public how to best access the RCMP during Covid-19
RCMP NL reminds the public how to best access the RCMP during Covid-19

For all matters requiring police response, options one or two should be selected. By doing so, you will be connected to a trained emergency dispatcher at the RCMP Operational Communications Centre based in RCMP Headquarters, St. John’s. Dispatchers have immediate access to RCMP officers throughout the province and other emergency responders. By pressing option three, the call will only be answered if a person is sitting in the detachment at the time of the call and not otherwise engaged. Otherwise, you will be prompted to leave a voice mail message which may result in a delayed response.

If you are calling to inquire for an update on an existing police file or for other administrative requests, please continue to use option three. An officer or employee will call you back when available.

If your call is of an urgent nature, please use the 911 emergency system which is available throughout the province.

RCMP NL continues to fulfill its mandate to protect public safety, enforce the law and ensure the delivery of priority policing services in Newfoundland and Labrador.


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