Curbing dangerous driving on Saskatchewan’s roadways

Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan – During Canada Road Safety Week, our Traffic Services Unit was out patrolling Saskatchewan’s roadways, focussing on curbing high-risk driving behaviours.

From May 12-18, officers had 7,300 interactions with drivers, which resulted in 1,774 warnings and 4,739 enforcement actions for things such as impaired driving, distracted driving, aggressive driving, and cell phone use, to name a few.

Police Lights
(File Photo) Police Lights

Here’s a breakdown of what that looked like:

· 76 Criminal Code charges for impaired drivers (70 alcohol-related, 6 drug-related)

· 37 driver’s license suspensions for low impairment (34 alcohol-related, 3 drug-related)

· 1,387 speeding charges

· 11 unsafe passing charges

· 97 intersection-related charges (fail to stop, fail to yield, fail to proceed when safe, etc.)

· 74 cellphone use while driving charges

· 14 driving without due care and attention charges

· 130 seatbelt or child/infant car seat misuse charges

· 139 prohibited driving charges

· 105 other Criminal Code charges (not impaired or prohibited related)

· 684 other traffic-related charges

· 160 vehicle inspection notices

Canada Road Safety Week is an opportunity to highlight the traffic initiatives that we conduct, but it is also important to note that traffic safety remains one of our day-to-day priorities.

We all need to continue to do our part by following the rules of the road, so everyone can get where they need to go safely.

Saskatchewan RCMP

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