Camrose Police Service Report to June 15, 2020

Camrose, Alberta – June 15, 2020 – A female contacted Police to report that while she was at a convenience store, the male cashier began to perform an indecent act. Police attended and arrested the employee. After further speaking with the witness Police discovered that the same type of incident had occurred earlier in the week. The male was charged with two counts of performing an indecent act.

June 14, 2020

A female reported that her vehicle was stolen from the driveway of their residence sometime during the night. The vehicle was locked but the window was not fully closed. Police are investigating.

A male contacted Police after his vehicle had been rummaged through and his wallet stolen. The victim’s credit card company advised that there were two suspicious purchases made with the card. There were additional purchases also made with his stolen debit card. Police are investigating.

A male contacted Police stating that he was scared as his neighbor was threatening him. Police attended and the male who was clearly struggling with reality was transported to St. Mary’s hospital for assessment. Sometime later the hospital contacted Police indicating that the male had left after being informed he would be transported to the Centennial Center. The male was returned to the hospital.

June 13, 2020

A local business advised Police of two thefts which had occurred on May 30th and June 11th. The female suspect had stolen approximately $1000 of merchandise. Police are reviewing video surveillance in attempts to identify the female.

Police were contacted regarding a male employee who had been assaulted at a business. At the same time a male attended the Police station and stated he had been assaulted by the employee. It was determined that the two individuals had an altercation inside the business which resulted in each person punching the other person. Neither wished to pursue charges and both were given warnings regarding their behavior.

June 12, 2020

Police received a complaint of a male who was acting strangely in the area of 100 Mount Pleasant Drive. Police attended and the intoxicated male began yelling at Police and then threw a water bottle at one of the officers. The male was arrested and charged with public intoxication and assaulting a Police officer.

Police were advised of a male at the Casino who had been assaulted and needed an ambulance. Police attended and the intoxicated male who was uncooperative with Police was transported to the hospital by EMS. The male who was on conditions not to consume alcohol was later charged with breaching his condition.

June 10, 2020

Loss prevention at a west end business contacted Police to report a shoplifting in progress. Police attended and arrested the male who had $142 worth of merchandise in his possession which had been removed from their original packaging. The male was charged with theft and possession of stolen property. Later the same day Police returned to the same business after a second shoplifter was observed stealing merchandise. After being arrested Police found the female to also be in possession of a variety of illicit drugs. The female was charged with theft, possession of stolen property and four counts of possession of a controlled substance.

A witness contacted Police to report an altercation between a man and a child. Police attended and determined that the male had thrown a frying pan toward his daughter and then ran outside the residence with intentions of further disciplining her. The male who had conditions not to have contact with the girl was arrested and charged with breaching his peace bond and assault.

Camrose Police Service

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