Statement by Deputy Commissioner Federal Policing Mike Duheme: Update on arrest at Rideau Hall

Ottawa, Ontario – Statement – Good morning and thank you for joining me here today. I’d like to acknowledge that we are gathered on unceded Algonquin Territory. I will offer a few remarks in English and then in French followed by a short question and answer session.

To start, I want to make it very clear that there are many elements that I’m not in a position to speak to as the RCMP investigation is ongoing. I can tell you that a bail hearing has been scheduled for this morning and the accused will face multiple charges. As soon as the RCMP is in a position to do so, we will release the details of these charges.

I also want to emphasize that I will not speak to resources or any elements that may compromise our important Protective Policing mandate. This is not specific to this case – the RCMP never releases details regarding the protection of the Prime Minister, the Governor General or any other protectee.

That said, I want to stress that there was never any danger to the Prime Minister and his family, nor to the Governor General, as neither were on the grounds at the time.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say how extremely proud I am of the professionalism our members on the scene showed in quickly and safely addressing this volatile and dangerous situation.

Here is what I can tell you about yesterday’s events, which began at 6:30 and ended peacefully with an arrest at around 8:30.

As previously stated, on July 2nd at approximately 6:30 in the morning, a lone male breached the main pedestrian entrance of 1 Sussex Drive – at Thomas Gate – with a vehicle, which was disabled on impact.

National Capital Commission workers noticed the vehicle breach and notified the Commissionaires who approached the area and observed the male walking with what appeared to be a firearm. They notified the Rideau Hall Operational Command Center who immediately reached out to the RCMP’s National Division Operational Command Center and our patrols on the ground.

Around 6:40, the accused was seen on the grounds of Rideau Hall by our members who are stationed there as part of our ongoing security detail. The entire facility was immediately placed on lockdown.

Our colleagues at the Ottawa Police Service and Emergency Medical Service were advised and were quick to support us. We thank them for their ongoing support.

At 6:42, the accused proceeded on foot on the grounds of Rideau Hall to the greenhouse, which is an onsite structure with limited public access.

At 6:43 our team confirmed they had visual contact on the suspect. Moments later, RCMP Members successfully engaged the suspect in a discussion. The objective was to de-escalate an obviously perilous situation with an armed suspect.

At 6:53 the suspect continued to engage in dialogue with our members, providing his name and other information that helped to open the channels of communication.

Our members relied on their training and instincts to continue speaking with the suspect until just before 8:30 am, at which point he was apprehended without any incident and taken into custody for questioning.

I can tell you a number of units and personnel were engaged in locating and containing the scene, including the Emergency Response Team. As a precaution, the Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear, and Explosive team was also deployed to search and secure the suspect’s vehicle. As I mentioned earlier, the Ottawa Police Service also supported this response.

I cannot emphasize enough how effective our members were in being vigilant, reacting quickly and using successful de-escalation techniques to resolve this highly volatile incident swiftly and without injury to anyone.

I can confirm that immediate measures have been put in place to increase security following yesterday’s event. We will be conducting an after action review as well as further analysis on the overall security posture and technology in place.

As mentioned, the suspect is scheduled to be in court for a bail hearing today where charges will be sworn.

I am very proud of all our people and our partners who moved fast and acted decisively to contain this threat.

Thank you. I am happy to take some questions.


Ottawa, Ontario – At 6:30 this morning, a lone male breached the main pedestrian entrance of 1 Sussex Drive (Thomas Gate) with his vehicle which was disabled on impact. The armed suspect then proceeded on foot on the grounds of Rideau Hall to the greenhouse, an onsite structure with limited public access, where he was rapidly contained by RCMP members who were on patrol in the area. While an RCMP member began dialogue with the suspect, the RCMP National Division Emergency Response Team was also dispatched and arrived shortly after 7 am. The armed suspect was apprehended shortly before 8:30 am without any incident and he was brought into police custody for questioning. As a precaution, the CBRNE team was also deployed to search and secure the suspect’s vehicle. As previously stated, the Prime Minister and his family, as well as the Governor General, were not present on site at the time of the incident.

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The suspect’s identity will be confirmed as soon as possible. We can confirm that the individual arrested by the RCMP is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces. The RCMP is collaborating closely with the Canadian Armed Forces.

”Thanks to the swift and diligent actions of our employees, the incident that unfolded earlier this morning on the grounds of Rideau Hall was quickly and safely resolved. I wish to commend the incredible efforts of all RCMP members who responded to this incident and acknowledge the contributions of all our employees and our Ottawa Police Service partners that supported this response. I am extremely proud of the courage, professionalism and collaboration that occurred and undoubtedly ensured the successful resolution of this event.” – Assistant Commissioner Bernadine Chapman, Commanding Officer, National Division

“Through our members’ vigilance, quick action and successful de-escalation techniques, this highly volatile incident was resolved swiftly and peacefully. I am very proud of all our people and our partners who moved fast and acted decisively to contain this threat.” – Deputy Commissioner Mike Duheme, Federal Policing, RCMP

The RCMP is investigating and charges are pending. No further details are available at this time.

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