UPDATE: Winnipeg Police searching for 9-year-old boy reported to have “entered the river” – UPDATED

Winnipeg, Manitoba – We regret to inform the public that 9-year-old Darius Bezecki has been located deceased in the Red River.


Winnipeg, Manitoba – On Friday, at 4:37 p.m., members of the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service responded to reports of an individual in distress in the Red River in the vicinity of the Louise Bridge. Members of the Winnipeg Police Service were also assigned.

Soon after, the individual was identified as a 9-year-old boy. It is believed that the child entered the water on the north side of the Red River, west of the Louise Bridge; however, it has not been confirmed at this time.

WFPS water rescue units were deployed, as well as the WFPS Drone with thermal imaging technology. Additional apparatus and crews, along with numerous WPS units, were staged downstream to assist with visuals.

Darius Bezecki - MISSING PERSON
Darius Bezecki – MISSING PERSON

WFPS crews were unable to locate the individual, and command of the scene was turned over to WPS.

Members of the WPS continued the search with a WPS Drone using thermal imaging technology and a zoom camera. WPS River Patrol members were also on scene along with General Patrol officers.

With the family’s permission, we are identifying the 9-year-old boy as Darius Bezecki and providing an image of him as there is a possibility that he may have exited the water.

Officers remain assigned to the matter, and the WPS Underwater Search & Recovery Unit will resume the search of the river.

Water Incident: C20-155035

Winnipeg Police Service

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