Saskatoon Police arrest man in a park seen stabbing the ground with a large knife, intoxicant suspected

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – Saskatoon Police arrested a man in a park last night, following reports that he was armed with a large knife.

At approximately 5:10 p.m., July 7, 2020, Saskatoon Police were called to a park in the 600 block of Spadina Crescent East. It was reported that a man acting aggressively, was seen stabbing the ground with a large knife. Upon arrival, Patrol members observed the man walking with the knife in his hand. Many other people were attending the park at the time. The man dropped the knife, but refused to comply with any further officer commands. He was believed to be under the influence of an intoxicant.

Saskatoon Police Service
File Photo – Saskatoon Police Service

A 46 year old Saskatoon man was taken into custody and charged with Carrying a Weapon Dangerous to the Public Peace.

Saskatoon Police Service

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