Look who grew up into a big police dog, and became a hero when he rescued two kids

Squamish, BC – There’s no time for puppy shenanigans now that Police Service Dog Kal is all grown-up. When Kal is called to duty, he puts on his expert sniffer and that’s what he did this weekend when he helped officers find two lost children in Squamish.

Kal and his human police handler are members of the Lower Mainland Integrated Police Dog Service (IPDS) and were in the area when Squamish RCMP officers took a call from a family searching for their kids near the Mamquam River. The river was running high and fast at the time and the families were understandably worried.


Kal was dispatched to the scene to assist his fellow human officers with the ground search. Search and Rescue were also part of the effort to find the four and six-year-old who had disappeared from the beach area about an hour earlier.

But it didn’t take too long before Kal, his police handler and the Squamish RCMP found the kids.

The pair were located just 500 metres away in thick brush, playing in a pond, looking for minnows and blissfully oblivious to the land and water search happening around them.

The kids were not injured and were walked back to the families for the happy reunion.

Kal wants all kids on summer holiday to stay safe and stick close to your parents!

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