Lookiloo strikes police car while looking at another crash

Sidney, BC – The Sidney / North Saanich RCMP are reminding drivers to keep their eyes on the road ahead of them, even if car in a ditch seems interesting.

When the Sidney / North Saanich RCMP were called to a single vehicle collision in the southbound portion of the Patricia Bay Highway on the morning of July 7th, what happened next highlights the dangers of distracted driving.

An officer on the scene turned on his emergency red and blue lights, and his directional orange arrows to alert drivers of the scene. This officer also used his police vehicle to block a portion of the highway in order to make an area safe for all emergency responders to work. Traffic was proceeding around the police vehicle without incident. The flashing emergency lights, and a large silver police SUV parked in the road was obviously not enough of a deterrent for a driver who wanted to see what the police officers and emergency crews were doing.

Lookiloo strikes police car while looking at another crash
(RCMP) Lookiloo strikes police car while looking at another crash

The driver of the black SUV did not follow the flow of traffic and collided with the stationary police vehicle causing a significant amount of damage to both vehicles. The driver was later transported from the scene by emergency personnel for medical treatment. Fortunately the police vehicle was unoccupied and no other persons on scene were injured.

After this second collision occurred traffic backed up significantly in both directions on the Patricia Bay Highway, and the scene must have become even more interesting for those passing in the northbound lane as another crash occurred when a driver collided with another vehicle that had slowed down to see all of the commotion. This collision was minor and both vehicles were driveable and left the scene after exchanging information.

“These collisions shows how dangerous collision scenes are to first responders, not only from the smoke, debris, fluids and car parts, but other drivers on the road too,” said Corporal Chris Manseau, BC RCMP Media Relation Officer “Fortunately these after collisions did not hurt any first responders on the scene.”

File # 2020-3355


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