Whitehorse RCMP constable starts positive ticketing campaign

Whitehorse, Yukon – Children and youth in Whitehorse may receive a “positive ticket” this summer from an RCMP officer. A positive ticket is a way of recognizing a member of the community doing something good. It also encourages a positive relationship with police from a young age, and reinforces good habits.

Cst. Karina Moore pictured with some outstanding (and safe) citizens.
Cst. Karina Moore pictured with some outstanding (and safe) citizens.

Cst. Karina Moore is a new RCMP officer, known as a “newly engaged member” within the force. These new officers are encouraged to find a way to make a positive difference in the community they are becoming a part of.

“I wanted to do a project that helped create a positive influence with the children and youth in the community,” said Cst. Moore. “This led me to think of a way to improve community relations in a personal manner, and we implemented a positive ticketing initiative in cooperation with McDonald’s.”

The project, started in July, is titled “Safe Summer Initiative 2020”, and will continue until the end of August 2020. Officers patrolling the streets who see a child or youth positively benefitting the community, or doing something safe, like wearing a bike helmet or using a crosswalk, can issue a positive ticket. The tickets are redeemable at either Whitehorse McDonald’s location for a small ice cream cone.

Over 50 tickets have been issued in the community so far, with more to come as the summer continues.

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