Regina Police Officer Dismissed; “unsuitable for police service under Section 60 of The Police Act, 1990”

Regina, Saskatchewan – Chief Evan Bray, of the Regina Police Service, has dismissed 47 year-old Colin Bradley MAGEE from the Regina Police Service effective August 6, 2020. MAGEE was a Corporal with the Regina Police Service having served almost 18 years with the Service.

In July of 2017, Colin MAGEE was charged in relation to an allegation of assault during the course of his duties in December, 2016. The assault charge was withdrawn after the case successfully went through mediation. In April of 2019, MAGEE was charged with two counts of common assault after internal processes identified two alleged assaults in the Service’s detention area on September 26th and 27th, 2018. One of these assaults involved a 13 year-old youth; the other involved a 42-year-old male. In the assault on the youth MAGEE pleaded guilty and received a conditional discharge, including a year’s probation. In the case involving the adult male victim, MAGEE was found not guilty. It is the decision of the Chief of Police to dismiss Colin Bradley MAGEE as unsuitable for police service under Section 60 of The Police Act, 1990.

Regina Police Officer Dismissed
(File Photo) Regina Police Officer Dismissed

Mr. Magee has a right of appeal under section 61 of The Police Act, 1990. In the event of an appeal, which must be filed within thirty days of the notice of dismissal, there would be a hearing before an independent hearing officer designated by the Minister responsible for The Police Act, 1990.

Regina Police Service

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