This can happen when you let kids play with a deactivated cell phone; hundreds of calls to 9-1-1

Medicine Hat, Alberta – The source of the frivolous 911 calls has been uncovered. It was found to be a curious 5 year old who had been calling us. We would like to thank those parents and family members who checked with their children and their devices to help us find the source of these calls.


Members of the Medicine Hat Police Service are currently investigating a complaint involving frivolous 911 calls. Over the past 24 hours hundreds of calls have been made to Medicine Hat 911 Communication Centre from a disconnected cellular phone in the Medicine Hat area.

Deactivate Cell Phone
Deactivate Cell Phone

The caller is believed to be a female child who is playing with an inactive phone. These phones maintain communication with the cellular network as a safety mechanism for 911 emergencies only.

When 911 communication lines are tied up these types of frivolous calls it can prevent legitimate 911 emergencies from being reported or attended by local emergency services.

Parents are asked to monitor their children to ensure that they are not calling 911 from these inactive devices and request that inactive cellular devices are not given to children as toys.

Medicine Hat Police Service

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