Camrose Police Service Report to September 8, 2020

Camrose, Alberta – September 8, 2020 – Police received a 911 call regarding screaming and yelling coming from a residence on 41 street in the 4500 block. Police attended and the intoxicated male was alone but was yelling at a female on an online dating site. The male was instructed to turn off the computer and call it a night.

Police received a report of a domestic at a residence on 68 street in the 4900 block. When Police attended the residence there was only one person at the home who denied having any kind of argument.

September 7, 2020

Staff at a gas station reported that an older male was in their store stating that he was going to hurt somebody. Police attended and the intoxicated male was arrested for public intoxication and later released.

A female reported that while she was away someone had broken into her home and stole her television. There was a note left and Police are waiting on video surveillance to confirm the identity of the suspect.

A male was arrested when he was found to be in possession of a camera which had been stolen last fall. The male was charged with possession of stolen property and possession of break in tools.

Police were dispatched to a local hotel where a couple were involved in an argument. The intoxicated female was the aggressor and attempted to hit the male while Police were dealing with the couple. The female was arrested to prevent breach of the peace and a family member attended to take care of her for the night.

Two youths were noted riding baja dirt bikes in the parking lot of Duggan Mall. The youth abandoned the bikes when they saw Police. The bikes were seized and Police are attempting to find the owners of the property.

September 6, 2020

Parents reported that their 12 year old daughter had ran away from home. Police searched locally for the child, posted the missing person on social media and sent a notification to other Police agencies.

Police received a report of a disturbance across the street from Marler Mini Mart. It was determined that an altercation started between four men and when one of the males attempted to prevent a fight, one the males punched him in the face multiple times. While the aggressor was being arrested by Police another male interfered with the arrest. Both males were arrested with the first male being charged with assault and the second with obstructing a Police officer and failing to comply with his court order. Both men were later released from custody.

Police became involved in a possible domestic between a male and female. The female had taken keys away from the intoxicated male to prevent him from driving which started the argument. It was confirmed that no physical altercation had occurred and the male was picked up by a family member.

Police received a complaint of an intoxicated male sleeping under a vehicle. Police located the male who stopped for a nap as he was walking home from a party. The male was driven to his home to ensure he arrived safely.

Police in Edmonton located the missing child safe and unharmed in their city. Parents were contacted to pick up their child.

September 5, 2020

The owner of a black 2001 Dodge Ram pick-up advised that his vehicle had been stolen while parked in front of his residence on 45 avenue in the 6500 block.

Police are investigating a theft of a purse and wallet from an unlocked employee’s office during business hours. The employee received a call from her credit card company reporting fraudulent activity on her account.

Camrose Police Service

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