Public information and warning: Violent offender released in the Edmonton area

Edmonton, Alberta – In the interest of public safety, the Edmonton Police Service is issuing the following warning: Wilton Devine is a convicted violent and sexual offender and the Edmonton Police Service believes he poses a significant risk of harm to the community and, as such, believe there is a duty to warn the public.

Devine is in the Edmonton area and was released on a peace bond being supervised by Toronto Police Service after Devine was found, on reasonable grounds, to be a high risk violent offender. While in Edmonton, Devine will be monitored by the Behavioral Assessment Unit.

Devine has been convicted of sexually assaulting an unknown female, who was a minor at the time, and also has a very violent history of committing assault causing bodily harm and aggravated assault. Devine’s history shows he will use weapons while committing his offences, including firearms.

Wilton Devine, 34     Height: 5’11”  Weight: 200 lbs  Eyes: Brown   Hair: Black
Wilton Devine, 34
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 200 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Devine has been released with a number of court ordered conditions:

He must report weekly in-person or as directed, to his supervisor or designate.

He must report any change in address or telephone number within 24 hours of any such change to his supervisor or designate.

He must report his employment status and any change to employment status within 24 hours to his supervisor or designate.

He must notify his supervisor or designate at least 24 hours prior to leaving the jurisdiction and notify them of his travel itinerary and destination plans.

He must not be in possession of any weapons or firearms as described by the Criminal Code, nor be in the possession of ammunition or explosives.

He must not contact in any way, directly or indirectly, by any physical, electronic or other means, any of his prior victims, or their families, and not be within 100 meters of their residence, educational institution, place of employment or any other place they are known to be.

He must abstain from the purchase, possession, or consumption of alcohol or any non-prescription drugs

He must keep the peace and be of good behavior.

Anyone with any information about any potential breaches of these conditions by Devine can contact the EPS at 780-423-4567.

The Edmonton Police Service is issuing this information and warning after careful deliberation of all related issues, including privacy concerns, in the belief that it is clearly in the public interest to inform the members of the community.

Members of the public are advised that the intent of this process is to enable citizens to take suitable precautionary measures. Releasing this information is NOT intended to encourage people to engage in any form of vigilante action.

This information is released under the authority of the FOIP Act, RSA 2000, C. F-25.

The information in this release is that which was verifiable prior to the release time indicated. Continued investigation and review could result in additional information or clarification.

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