Burnaby business issued $2,300 fine for not complying with newly introduced COVID-19 measures

Burnaby, BC – A Burnaby business owner is out $2,300 for not complying with newly introduced measures under the COVID-19 Related Measures Act (CRMA).

On Friday September 11, 2020, along with City of Burnaby Bylaw officers, Burnaby RCMP officers conducted checks of businesses to ensure compliance with the CRMA. These checks have been ongoing for the last two weeks and will be continuing into the future.

After attending twice earlier in the evening and being provided information about the new act, a business in the 2800-block of North Road was issued a $2,300 violation ticket for being in contravention of Section 2 of the CRMA. The business was still serving customers well after the mandated closing time despite receiving warnings not to do so.


The rules have been explained and complete disregard for new health measures which have been introduced to keep us all safe will not be tolerated, says Corporal Mike Kalanj with the Burnaby RCMP. “We will continue to check on businesses with our partners from the City of Burnaby and enforce through fines when necessary.

Burnaby RCMP

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