Manitoba RCMP respond to unruly passenger on flight from Calgary to Toronto

Winnipeg, Manitoba – On September 28, 2020, at approximately 6:30 pm, Manitoba RCMP officers were advised of a disturbance on a plane that arrived from Calgary, which was en route to Toronto, with a scheduled stopover in Winnipeg.

The plane was met by officers at the gate who were briefed on the actions of a 34-year-old female passenger, from North York, ON, who became unruly when she learned the flight was descending into Winnipeg for a scheduled stopover.

The officers boarded the plane and requested the 34-year-old passenger to disembark the aircraft. She eventually complied but continued her belligerent behaviour towards the officers and flight crew.

Airplane - File Photo
Airplane – File Photo

As the 34-year-old was being escorted away from the aircraft, she once again became unruly and belligerent and was immediately placed under arrest for Causing a Disturbance.

The 34-year-old remains in police custody as charges for Causing a Disturbance and Mischief are pending.

RCMP continue to investigate.

Manitoba RCMP

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