Calgary Commercial Vehicle Safety Inspections: 99 units out of 158 inspected placed out of service

Calgary, Alberta – Last week, in partnership with Alberta Sheriffs, we conducted commercial vehicle safety inspections as part of a semi-annual effort to make our highways a safer place to be.

A group of specialized Peace Officers conducted inspections on 158 units. Of those inspected, 99 were placed out of service, 37 required attention, and 22 passed inspection. In total, 112 violation tickets were issued demonstrating that there is work to be done to keep our roadways safe.

Of note was the arrest of one driver for various warrants, a commercial vehicle driver operating without a supervisor and only holding a class 7 licence, a driver of a landscaping company not holding a subsisting licence in Canada, a vehicle with cracked brakes (rotors), another vehicle with 75% of its brakes out of adjustment, broken leaf springs and a number of vehicles heavily overloaded.

99 units out of 158 inspected placed out of service
(File Photo) 99 units out of 158 inspected placed out of service

“Commercial vehicles make up a significant portion of our traffic every day,” said Sgt. Colin Foster. “We need them for efficient transportation of goods and services. These vehicles and their drivers need to be roadworthy and prepared to ensure the safety of all road users. We strongly encourage all businesses to ensure their fleets are well maintained.”

Calgary Police Service

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