Six RCMP officers injured on the front line across the BC Southern Interior

BC – In just a span of 96 hours, six front line RCMP officers across the Southeast District sustained injuries while carrying out the arrest of volatile individuals in order to maintain public safety in the communities they serve.

Grand Forks BC

On October 3, 2020 shortly before 4 a.m., emergency paramedics responded to a report of an unknown intoxicated man said to be lying face down in the grass of a home in the 6400-block of 18 Street. BC Emergency Health Services approached the individual to provide him care, at which time he sprung to his feet and suddenly became aggressive. The BC EHS crew retreated to their ambulance, called for immediate assistance from the Grand Forks RCMP and were forced to stage a couple of blocks away.

A front line Grand Forks RCMP officer arrived in the area and approached the man who continue to yell aggressively. The suspect allegedly grabbed onto the officer and forced the police officer to the ground, where he continued to assault the officer. The suspect fled on foot before the officer could affect an arrest. The suspect, a 35-year-old Grand Forks man was apprehended without further incident by another front line officer who was responding to the scene to assist.

The police officer, who sustained non-life threatening injuries, was medically assessed at the scene by the emergency paramedics who initially called for support and later examined in hospital.

Salmon Arm BC

On October 7, 2020 shortly before 5 a.m., Salmon Arm RCMP responded to a report of a disturbance inside a home, where a distraught man was reportedly experiencing a mental health crisis and causing property damage. A pair of uniformed front line RCMP officers responded to the home, and arranged to have emergency medical crews staged nearby.

The officers engaged in a dialogue with the individual and managed to fully de-escalate the situation. Relying on their training the officers convinced the man to exit the home to obtain medical attention, for the lacerations and abrasions he sustained.

In doing so the 41-year-old Sorrento man, suddenly lunged at both officers, who required the use of a Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW) to subdue the distraught man. Both of the responding officers received medical treatment for non-life threatening injuries following the arrest, one of which sustained a lower arm fracture.

Kamloops BC

Earlier that morning, also on October 7, 2020, three front line RCMP officers in Kamloops suffered injuries while working together to apprehend a dangerous offender who led police on a dangerous pursuit. One officer sustained injuries related to a motor vehicle collision, as a result of the suspect allegedly side-swiping the officer’s police vehicle. A second officer sustained a lower arm injury while being forced to take an evasive action to avoid being struck by the suspect’s vehicle. While the third officer also sustained a lower arm injury while participating in the suspects eventual arrest.

Kamloops Release:

On October 6th, 2020 the Kamloops RCMP received a complaint of domestic assault involving a 24-year-old man from Kamloops, who had recently been released from Jail. He had been directed to report to Vision Quest upon his release, but failed to do so and a breach charge was being sought in that regards.

On October 6, that man is alleged to have physically assaulted a 25-year-old woman, causing her bodily harm. He is also suspected of sexual assault, forcible confinement and uttering threats against the same victim. At the time of the report, the victim was not with the suspect, and police where on the lookout for him.

On October 7, 2020 at approximately 1:15 a.m., police were called to the 1200-block Monashee Court as the suspect had allegedly located, and again assaulted his previous victim. As police responded to the scene, the suspect fled in a vehicle, allegedly forcing his way by police cars and driving over lawns. In the process, the suspect vehicle suffered a blown rear tire but continued on.

Other Kamloops police units located the suspect as he was driving North on 3 Avenue and followed him to the 300-block of Tranquille Rd. In an attempt to escape, the suspect allegedly was driving dangerously, on one, then two, rear rims only and drove toward responding members, who were forced to take evasive actions to avoid injury.

Once the vehicle was immobilized, the suspect is alleged to resisted arrest, challenging members and refusing to surrender. At one point, the suspect allegedly brandished a hatchet at officers. In order to take the man into custody without injury, a Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW), also known as a Taser, was deployed.

This was definitely a high risk incident, involving a dangerous and violent offender who had no regards for public or police safety what‐so‐ever, stated S/Sgt. Mat Van Laer from the Kamloops RCMP. “In addition to the serious assault to the victim, we also had information that this individual could be carrying a firearm. We did everything we could to make every attempts at stopping this individual with the least possible risks to public, including the successful use of a spike belt” added S/Sgt. Van Laer. Our members truly placed themselves in harm’s way to protect the public in this case, and I am very thankful that none of them were seriously hurt, concluded S/Sgt. Van Laer. Who also wants to thank anyone that was disturbed by the chaotic scene on Tranquille Road earlier today.

The Kamloops RCMP is also asking anyone that was driving at the time of this event, and came across this suspect vehicle to contact them at (250)828‐3000.

Each and every day first responders leave their loved ones at home to risk their lives on the front lines as they do their part to contribute to public safety in the communities they serve. Our men and women in law enforcement are no exception, said C/Supt. Brad Haugli the RCMP Southeast District Commander. Each of these dangerous situations has not only deeply impacted these extremely dedicated police officers, but has also had lasting implications on their families and colleagues. I commend each of these officers for their actions and my team commits to support each officer as they recuperate from their injuries.

File # Grand Forks File #2020-3331 / Salmon Arm File #2020-6248 / Kamloops RCMP File #2020-33775

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