RCMP and police dog Kola rescue man near Yellowknife Bay

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories – Yellowknife RCMP responded to a call for service regarding a man in distress in an unknown location.

On Friday, November 13th at approximately 8:20 pm, Yellowknife RCMP received a call for service regarding an intoxicated individual stranded outside in the cold at an unknown location. Yellowknife RCMP dispatched immediately.

Through the investigation, fresh tracks were located at the Con Mine boat launch, appearing to head out on Yellowknife Bay. The ice conditions were too treacherous for anyone to venture out on the ice and didn’t allow for a search to be conducted on the ice on the Bay.

police dog Kola
RCMP – police dog Kola

The NT RCMP Police Dog Services deployed immediately in the area and along the shore. NT RCMP police service dog Kola located the individual in a shed on Lakeview Road. The RCMP immediately transported the individual to Stanton Territorial Hospital for treatment due exposure to the cold.

“We are thankful we found the individual safe and sound. RCMP would like to remind people to always tell a friend or family member where you are going. Make sure you dress in layers to face the elements. Also, the ice is forming on the lake, the conditions remain volatile, and RCMP warn anyone to stay off the ice until it is declared safe” states Staff Sergeant Yannick Hamel, Operations Manager for Yellowknife RCMP.

Northwest Territories RCMP

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