Alberta RCMP support new GOA regulations surrounding carding and street checks

Edmonton, Alberta – The Alberta RCMP is supportive of the Government of Alberta’s announcement regarding new provincial regulations surrounding street checks. As the RCMP does not practice carding under its federal policing mandate, we consider the Government’s new guidelines to be a positive step forward in provincial law enforcement.

Effective community policing requires members to know and understand the communities in which they serve; this involves interacting with residents, visitors, business owners and others on a daily basis. The Alberta RCMP follow strict policy when conducting such interactions and collecting civilian information. RCMP members are guided by the organization’s Bias-Free Policing policy, based on principles of equality and non-discrimination. Therefore, street checks are never to be made on the basis of race or discrimination, and officers are always required to have an articulable cause.


The Alberta RCMP believes that protecting the rights and the trust of the public we serve is paramount. The Alberta RCMP is dedicated to providing our communities with the provincial police force they expect and deserve, and we are committed to ensuring that police-community interactions continue to promote that public confidence.

Alberta RCMP

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