Camrose Police Service Report to December 23, 2020; “Police responded to a threat that was made to Canadian Mental Health”

Camrose, Alberta – December 23, 2020 – Police responded to a threat that was made to Canadian Mental Health. The male responsible for the threats was located by Police and after collaborating with health care professionals the male was transported to the Centennial Center in Ponoka.

An east end business reported that two of their company vehicles had been broken into over the weekend. Fuel cards and cigarettes were stolen. Police are investigating.

Police received a complaint from an apartment building on Mt. Pleasant Drive of an unwanted male who was threatening other tenants. The male was located by Police and arrested on multiple outstanding warrants. During his arrest a quantity of methamphetamine was located on his person resulting in him being charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Camrose Police Service
Camrose Police Service

While conducting patrols Police located an abandoned Toyota Tacoma truck parked near Charlie Killam School. The truck had been reported stolen out of Calgary in March of 2019. The vehicle was seized.

Staff at a grocery store reported the theft of approximately $100 worth of merchandise. Police are reviewing video surveillance.

December 22, 2020

The owner of an east end business contacted Police when it was discovered that two of their outside containers had been broken into overnight. Police are investigating.

Another east end business reported that two of his vehicles had been broken into over the weekend. A set of keys were missing but nothing else was stolen from within the vehicles.

Police received a 911 call from a residence where a female who was high on illicit drugs was causing issues within the home. The female was left with a roommate who was to take care of her but when Police had to return to the home a second time the female was arrested to prevent further breach of the peace. The female was later released without charges.

Police were contacted regarding a woman who was passed out in her vehicle. The female was identified and issued a 24 hour suspension and her vehicle was towed.

Camrose Police Service

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