Camrose Police Service Report to January 12, 2021

Camrose, Alberta – January 12, 2021 – Police received information that a male had been contacting two others with whom he had no contact conditions. Police are investigating.

An employee reported that over the weekend someone had attempted to steal one of their company trucks after it was discovered that the door locks were broken and the ignition punched out. Police believe that the damage was caused by the same suspect who had been charged with several criminal offences while on a crime spree in Camrose.

Police were advised of a male walking in the dog park who was not dressed for the weather and wasn’t wearing any shoes. The 84 year old male who suffers from dementia was returned to his home with supervision.

Police attended to a residence after receiving a complaint of a possible domestic. The involved couple were involved in a verbal argument and the situation was mediated.

January 11, 2021

While conducted patrols members observed a male walking down the alley along Mount Pleasant Drive with a drawn compound bow. Police surrounded and arrested the male who was upset that someone had been knocking on his door and stated he wanted to shoot them in the leg. The male was charged with possession of a dangerous weapon.

Police observed a male driving suspiciously and conducted a traffic stop. Police observed open liquor inside the vehicle and when he stepped out of his vehicle a hatchet was also viewed in the driver’s door. The male was also found to be in possession of a butterfly knife which resulted in a charge of possession of a prohibited weapon.

While conducting patrols Police observed a female walking into a residence disregarding her conditions. Police attended the home and located the female inside the home along with a second female whom she had a no contact condition with. The female was arrested and charged with two counts of breaching her conditions.

Staff at St. Mary’s advised of an intoxicated male who had multiple cuts to his body. Police attended and it was finally determined from the uncooperative male that he had been attacked by a dog. Police attended the dog owner’s residence and observed blood on the sidewalk leading up to the home. The home owner was also uncooperative with Police but was advised that it was mandatory that the dog be placed in quarantine and registered with the city as a dangerous dog as required by city bylaws.

January 9, 2021

A witness reported a suspicious vehicle parked near the campground. Police attended and identified a male who had a condition to remain in the province of British Columbia and a female who had a condition not to have contact with the male. The two were arrested and during a search a quantity of heroin was located on the female. The female was subsequently charged with possession of a controlled substance and breaching her conditions and the male was also charged with one count of breaching his conditions.

Police received a complaint of someone squatting in an apartment building. Police located the male sleeping under the stairs and he was issued a trespass notice.

An employee at a business reported that two of their vehicles parked inside their fenced compound had their catalytic converters stolen sometime over the holidays.

Police received a complaint from the Duggan Mall where an intoxicated male was sleeping in the washroom. Police attended and the intoxicated male who was difficult to deal with was arrested and found to be in possession of a small quantity of heroin. The male was charged with possession of a controlled substance, lodged and released when sober.

January 8, 2021

On January 6th, at 9:30 PM the Camrose Police Service were advised by the RCMP that a white Dodge Ram had fled a traffic stop north on Hwy 833 and was last seen traveling towards Camrose. As Police were searching for the vehicle a resident advised that someone had parked a white truck in their driveway. Police checks confirmed that the truck had been stolen out of Tofield and displayed a license plate stolen from Edmonton. Police seized the vehicle and were able to secure evidence possibly identifying the suspect. Throughout the night Police continued their search for the suspect who the RCMP had described as wearing black pants, a red plaid jacket and a grey beanie hat.

At 7:30 AM a CP Rail employee contacted Police advising that their office had been broken into and a backpack, several tools and computers were missing. At the time it was believed that their company Ford F250 was also missing. When the vehicle was confirmed stolen it was GPS located parked east of Camrose at Range Road 195 and Township Road 462. Multiple officers attended the location where a lone occupant appeared to be sleeping in the driver’s seat. Members surrounded the vehicle and when Police abruptly opened the driver’s door the startled suspect attempted to shift the transmission into drive. Police were able to successfully pull the male out of the vehicle and onto the ground where he was arrested.

As Police continued with their investigation additional complaints from the community were received. A break & enter to a school, two attempted vehicle thefts from residences and another attempted vehicle theft from a business all contained evidence that linked the occurrences to the same suspect.

Curtis Neil Schaaf (46) has an extensive criminal record throughout central Alberta and British Columbia starting in the early 1990’s involving break & enters, thefts and possession of weapons. Schaaf who was recently released from jail in relation to other similar convictions has now been charged with 14 additional Criminal Code offences and 2 Traffic Safety Act violations for his crime spree within Camrose. Schaaf appeared before a justice of the peace where his bail was set to $500. Unable to source the funds, Schaaf was remanded into custody and is required to appear in Camrose Provincial court on Wednesday January 20th, 2021.

Camrose Police Service

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