Camrose Police Service Report to January 21, 2021

Camrose, Alberta – January 21, 2021 – Police received a 911 call regarding a domestic at a residence on 55 street in the 5300 block. It was determined that the couple got into a verbal argument over a trivial matter which escalated to throwing items around the home along with one pushing the other. Neither cooperative with Police and the couple was separated. Police have been involved in similar incidents with the same couple in the past and a Child and Family Services referral was completed due to children being in the home.

A male reported that someone had smashed the rear passenger window of his Toyota Corolla while parked overnight in the Cornerstone Shopping area.

A west end business contacted Police to report a theft in progress. Police attended and arrested a 44 year old male who was in possession of $300 worth of groceries. The male who had a lengthy criminal record in Edmonton was arrested and charged with theft and possession of stolen property.

Camrose Police Service
Camrose Police Service

Police were advised of a collision near 80 Mount Pleasant Drive where a vehicle had struck a tree. The driver provided a sample of his breath on a roadside screening device resulting in a fail reading. Police further located 35 grams of marihuana inside the vehicle. The 16 year old received an immediate roadside sanction under the new provincial legislation. He received a $1000 fine, his vehicle was seized for 30 days, his license suspended for 90 days and he was also issued two violation tickets for minor possessing and transporting cannabis marihuana within easy reach. The driver will be required to take a one day planning ahead course and will be placed under a one year Alberta ignition interlock program.

January 20, 2021

A traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle and the female driver provided a mandatory alcohol sample which resulted in a fail reading. Under the new provincial legislation the female received a $1000 fine, her vehicle was seized for 30 days and her driver’s license was suspended for 90 days. The driver will also be required to participate in a mandatory 12 month Alberta Ignition Interlock Program and take a one day planning ahead course.

Camrose Police Service

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