Shoal Brook man taken into custody by RCMP in Deer Lake following police pursuit

Deer Lake, Newfoundland and Labrador – A Shoal Brook man was arrested by RCMP in Deer Lake following a pursuit that ended in the town of Deer Lake today.

At approximately 10:15 a.m. this morning, police were notified that a man was acting in an unusual manner and said that he was going to Deer Lake to stop the election and made references to firearms. He departed Bonne Bay in a truck heading towards Wiltondale.

Police Pursuit
File Photo – Police Pursuit

Police responded immediately and located the described vehicle north of Cormack on Route 430. A traffic stop was attempted but the truck sped up, failed to stop for police and continued to drive towards Deer Lake at a dangerous rate of speed. Police had concerns for public safety and maintained sight of the truck during the pursuit, which lasted for less than ten minutes. The truck continued at dangerous speeds through the community and came to a stop at a local business, which contained the office of a current political candidate. The man was removed from the vehicle and was arrested in the parking lot. Officers located and seized a large quantity of various knives inside the vehicle. The truck was seized and impounded.

There is no current concern for public safety.

The investigation is continuing. Police anticipate the man will be charged with a number of criminal and traffic offences.


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