Lethbridge Police provide response to media requests regarding allegations against a former employee

Lethbridge, Alberta – The Lethbridge Police Service is aware of sexual assault allegations against a former employee and has been made aware that a formal complaint has been filed with Coaldale RCMP.

The alleged incidents are reported to have occurred long after the staff member retired from the Police Service in 2014. Although the incidents are alleged to have occurred within the City of Lethbridge, Coaldale RCMP were requested, and have agreed, to continue with the investigation to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest between the LPS and its former employee.

Lethbridge Police Service
File Photo – Lethbridge Police Service

As the investigation is ongoing, Lethbridge Police will provide no further comment at this time.

The Lethbridge Police Service would like to point out that a request has been made to CBC to correct several inaccuracies found in the article, dated Feb. 17, 2021.

Lethbridge Police never “insisted” on investigating the sexual complaint as stated in the article. In fact, the LPS encouraged your source to file a complaint and advised her she could do so with any law enforcement agency if she did not feel comfortable dealing with Lethbridge Police.

When Coaldale RCMP indicated they would be forwarding the file back to Lethbridge Police, they were asked to confirm the complainant approved and were told that she had.

Contrary to what has been reported, once LPS was advised a formal complaint was made to the RCMP Lethbridge Police took the position the RCMP should maintain carriage of the investigation to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest. Lethbridge Police never had formal possession of the file, and at no time had the Service “insisted on investigating the sexual assault complaint internally until CBC News contacted the force” as stated in the article.

Finally, Insp. Jason Walper was never designated as the investigator. He is in charge of the LPS Criminal Investigation Division, and as such does not actively conduct any specific investigations.

No further comment will be provided.

Lethbridge Police Service

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