Integrated Border Enforcement Team charge Calgary man with exportation of methamphetamine

Calgary, Alberta – A four-month investigation conducted by the Integrated Border Enforcement Team (IBET) has resulted in the seizure of approximately 3 kilograms of methamphetamine and charges laid against a Calgary resident. The investigation involved an illicit scheme to export methamphetamine from Alberta to Australia.

In September 2020, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers examined two shipments destined to Australia. Concealed within the boxes were approximately three kilograms of a crystalline powder, later confirmed as methamphetamine. CBSA referred the drugs over to IBET for further investigation.

(File Photo) Methamphetamine

On Feb. 17, 2021, IBET arrested and charged Akhif Alaudin Alibhai (31) with:

· Exportation of a Controlled Substance under section 6(1) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act;

· Exportation of a Controlled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking under section 6(2) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act; and

· Smuggling Out of Canada under section 159(2) of the Customs Act.

Alibhai was released on bail Feb. 19, 2021 and his next court date is set for March 10, 2021, at the Calgary Provincial Courthouse.

“This partnership works to prevent illegal drug exportation that generates profits for organized crime. This seizure reflects our mutual commitment to providing excellent law enforcement services, including those of international scope as well as to the communities to which we serve and protect,” said Insp. Germain Leger, Operations Officer, K Division Federal Serious and Organized Crime in southern Alberta.

IBET is an integrated federal policing unit based out of Calgary and Edmonton that contributes to maintaining Canada’s safety and security including the land and air border domains in Alberta. The unit is comprised of members of the Alberta RCMP, Canada Border Services Agency, and Calgary Police Service.

Integrated Border Enforcement Team

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