Recent complaints against Lethbridge Police addressed by Chief

Lethbridge, Alberta – The Lethbridge Police Service acknowledges the matters being investigated in relation to MLA Shannon Phillips are extremely serious in nature. We are confident the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) will provide a very thorough and unbiased investigation and we will ensure every request made by those investigators is fully accommodated.

As a Police Service we are privileged with access to certain information about our citizens. Every citizen deserves the right to privacy when it comes to that information. It is our duty to protect that information and their privacy, and only access the systems in place through the lawful execution of our duties, and when required to do so.

ASIRT Investigation
File Photo – ASIRT Investigation

Since the ASIRT investigation is ongoing, the Lethbridge Police Service needs to be respectful of the process and as such, will not comment at this time on any specifics of the concerns brought forward by Ms. Phillips. If there is evidence of wrongdoing once the investigation has concluded and we have all the facts, Lethbridge Police ask the citizens we serve to provide us the opportunity to take corrective actions and hold those responsible accountable. Until then, we ask them for their patience as we allow the processes in place to unfold.

In the meantime, the Lethbridge Police Service does want to acknowledge the severity of such allegations, and to reinforce our commitment to hold accountable anyone found guilty of such misconduct. As a Service, we are dedicated to honourable, bias-free policing – that is a long-established goal of this organization. We already have established policies to support and reinforce that standard, and the vast majority of our officers and civilian staff are committed to following and supporting it.

Therefore, it is especially troubling for us whenever it is alleged that those principles have not been honoured and followed by any member of our staff. Such actions reflect badly on the Service as a whole, and damage our relationship with the community we serve. The best that we can do going forward is to affirm our commitment as a Service to honourable policing, and to accountability for anyone who fails to meet those standards.

– Chief Shahin Mehdizadeh, Lethbridge Police Service

Lethbridge Police Service

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