RCMP QEII Traffic Services advise of treacherous road conditions on QEII

Bowden, Alberta – The RCMP QEII Traffic Services Unit advise that travel on the QEII between Didsbury, Alta. and Penhold, Alta., is not recommended.

Highway conditions include areas with zero visibility, high winds, icy and slippery roads.

File Photo – Snowplow

Currently they are on scene along with other Emergency services at two separate jack-knifed semi-trucks on the QEII. One is in the Antler Hill area near Innisfail, Alta., and the other is near the Bowden Fas Gas Station.

Single lane traffic southbound is occurring in these areas.

The RCMP QEII Traffic Services report motorists coming upon Emergency crews very quickly and is requesting motorists to slow down on the QEII for everyone’s safety. Visibility is poor and Emergency crews are at several locations along that area of the highway assisting motorists.

Motorists are asked to avoid travelling on the QEII in this area.

RCMP QEII Traffic Services Unit

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